Mark Levin Urges Supreme Court Intervention in Upcoming Case


‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ host Mark Levin makes his case for the Supreme Court to take on the criminal conviction of former President Donald Trump in New York.

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  1. The petition must be filed in the Supreme Court of the United States within 90 days of the entry of judgment in this Court or within 90 days of the denial of a timely petition for rehearing.

  2. There is that SC Judge who flew the American flag upside-down to support the protests against the conviction of Donald Trump, right?
    So, can we not utilize him to look favorable at Trump's cases and even try to influence judgement in Trump's favor?
    Otherwise, how is he useful? Anybody can fly any flag upside down but only a very few can influence the apex court, correct?

  3. Has Chrome Dome Levin mentioned that Clarence Thomas has taken 4 million dollars worth of gifts from a right wing billionaire since becoming a SC judge? Or that his wife was involved in the Jan 6th COUP ATTEMPT? Levin is a joke and Fox is a joke! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. What is going on in your Country is not always nice to watch from Europe. We can't tell you what to do, or behave like. But it seems like there is a group of very left-minded people, that don't listen to normal conversation, or don't follow the laws in your Republic? Is it so ? With all respect, from Scandinavia.

  5. Hear trumps words. He is only trying to Save his pwn butt. He never REALLY cared about you. In private, sometimes public, he can't stand his followers. He would never sit and have a meal with them. He talks smack about you every day. I know. You take care of YOU.

  6. 🙃 Everything that's happening to Trump via the judicial system is so obviously election interference. There is no stronger reason for the Supreme Court to be involved

  7. He broke the law dumb-dumb!
    Why should Donald Trump, a life long con-man that just discovered there was a political party full of marks be excluded from facing consequences?

  8. Marjorie Taylor Greene.
    Why are we not talking about her that much?
    Isn't she a force that could move the Supreme Court?
    How about that "Trump in pump" Kari Lake?
    Can we not get these powerful maga politicians to pester the Supreme Court with their supporters?
    They pretty much echo the same sentiment as most Fox's journalists of the highest integrity, correct?

  9. You know, when you vote for a guy who was convicted of 34 felonies, it brings with it a certain amount of shame, embarrassment, and guilt, along with the expected loss of innocence and self-esteem. Sad, really. 🤔

  10. Y'all crazy. Trump doesn't have a chance. You're a small minority, so don't be a bunch of crybaby snowflakes when your serial criminal candidate loses. Get a grip on reality.

  11. And he will NOT remain a convicted felon at the appellate level.. this verdict will be overturned. Bragg literally resurrected this original misdemesnor to allow joey to call his opponent a convicted felon

  12. Trump Guilty on all 34 charges !!! The wicked Donald Trump – adulterer and rpst has been judged by the lord. Guilty. We all know there is no way he ascends to heavens. God bless Joseph Biden – President of the USA

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