Benny Gantz Quits Israeli Government; Coalition Still Stable


Benny Gantz, an opposition leader who joined Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government after the October 7 attacks, announced Sunday his departure, accusing Netanyahu of mishandling the war.

As reported in October:

Benny Gantz declared that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “preventing us from reaching true victory,” prompting the National Unity chairman to pull his party out of the government, fulfilling an ultimatum. His party joined the coalition after October 7 for the country’s sake despite recognizing it was a “bad government” and has since seen strategic priorities overshadowed by political motives, he commented.

The timing of Gantz’s announcement is notable for another reason: U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is scheduled to visit this week, and the Biden administration has been advocating for alternatives to Netanyahu.

Netanyahu’s 64-seat coalition holds a strong enough majority to continue without Gantz’s 12 seats.

Recent polls have indicated Netanyahu’s rise and Gantz’s decline, which might be another reason for Gantz’s departure: his voters are looking for an alternative, and his continued presence in government diminished his ability to present one.

Joel B. Pollak
Joel B. Pollak
South African-American conservative political commentator, writer, radio host, and attorney.

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