Libertarian Party Chair Emphasizes Stopping Biden Over Backing Own Candidate in 2024 Election Strategy


Libertarian Party Chairwoman Angela McArdle is defining the party’s approach for the 2024 election, potentially focusing more on preventing a second Biden term than fully supporting their own candidate.

Following Chase Oliver’s nomination at the recent party convention, McArdle shared her perspective on Oliver’s campaign goals. She asserted that Oliver presents the best opportunity to defeat President Joe Biden.

“I endorse Chase Oliver as the best way to beat Joe Biden,” McArdle stated during a livestream on Monday. “Get in, loser. We are stopping Biden. That’s what I think. That’s what I think this campaign is about.”

Former President Donald Trump attended the recent convention and received mixed reactions, including both boos and cheers. Nonetheless, McArdle indicated that Trump’s attendance reinforced her endorsement of Oliver as a means to defeat Biden in November.

“Donald Trump said he’s going to put a Libertarian in a Cabinet position. He came out and spoke to us; he said he’s a Libertarian,” McArdle explained. “He has basically endorsed us.”

McArdle suggested that “one of the best ways” to prevent a second Biden term would involve vigorously campaigning for Oliver in traditionally Democratic states.

“I am going to work very aggressively, especially in blue states, to ensure [Oliver] has the support he needs from the national party,” she emphasized.

She stated this strategy focuses on blue states, where enough votes could be taken from Biden to potentially allow Trump to win those states.

“I encourage people to leverage the Chase Oliver campaign to attract protest votes from the Left,” she noted.

Biden has experienced various protest votes from the far Left during the primary season due to his handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict. In Michigan, a pivotal battleground state, over 100,000 Democrats voted “uncommitted” instead of Biden as a form of protest in the primary.

In contrast, McArdle mentioned that red states could opt not to place Oliver on the ballot, and she respects their decision in either case.

“For those in red states who wish to support Chase, like really support him, whether to place him on the ticket is entirely your choice. That is your decision as a state affiliate, and I won’t interfere,” she pointed out.

However, McArdle acknowledged that some individuals in red states are dissatisfied with her strategy.

“There are some red states that are very displeased and believe that the campaign’s branding could harm them,” she noted. “I’ll leave it to them to decide how to handle it.”

McArdle also spoke to those who may not fully agree with the strategy of endorsing a candidate to undermine another. While donning a clown nose, she remarked, “I know, I know — it’s a total clown show thing. Well, I’m 100% here for that clown show.”

Annabella Rosciglione
Annabella Rosciglione
Breaking News Reporter. Annabella is a graduate of UW-Madison where she worked at the Daily Cardinal reporting on Wisconsin politics.

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