Bill Maher Predicts Joe Biden Will Lose


Comedian Bill Maher made a bold prediction this week following former President Trump’s guilty verdict, telling tech journalist Kara Swisher that Joe Biden is “going to fucking lose.”

“I would vote for [Biden’s] head in a jar of blue liquid over Donald Trump, but that doesn’t mean that I’m — first of all, I think it’s a moot point at this point. He’s going to fucking lose,” Maher told Swisher.

“We don’t want chaos again,” she said.

Maher suggested that Swisher consider the possibility that the “silent majority” could lean the other way.

“Do I think that’s absolutely possible, what you described? Yes. Or it could not be, and I can’t tell the difference,” he said.

As noted by The Hill, “Trump has about a 1-point lead in The Hill/Decision Desk HQ average of polls, though Biden has pulled ahead in surveys taken since Trump was convicted of 34 felonies last week.”

The big question now is whether the conviction will be enough to shift momentum away from former President Trump in Biden’s favor as the November 5 election approaches. Accurate polling on the matter will take at least a week, but establishment Republican Karl Rove, who has criticized Trump in the past, noted on Fox News last week that a guilty verdict could potentially cost Trump key swing voters in crucial states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

“If he is found guilty, let’s not underestimate that there is a problem,” said Karl Rove.

“Think about this. Those numbers, like 11% less likely to vote for him, think about Michigan where they’re, in the RealClearPolitics average, Donald Trump is up by one half of 1% — or Pennsylvania, where he’s up by 2%, or Wisconsin, where he’s up by 3/10 of 1%,” Rove continued. “So in a close race, like we’re likely to have, having 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11% of the electorate less likely to vote for you is a problem.”

Paul Bois
Paul Bois
Paul Bois began working as a writer in 2013 when Ben Shapiro hired him on at his first website, He has written thousands of news articles on a variety of topics, from current events to pop-cultural trends.

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