Laura Ingraham: The Biden 'rescue coalition' is running out of ideas


FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr joins ‘The Ingraham Angle’ to discuss concerns over George Soros’ radio takeover.

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  1. Great Trump people, receipts showing Trump praising Robert Morris; " great people with great reputations". Robert Morris, the founder of a Texas megachurch and a faith adviser to the Trump White House, has resigned from his job as its senior pastor, the church said on Tuesday, days after he was accused of sexually abusing a child in the 1980s.

  2. And that's how the left has been for many years so I'm really so happy that 🙏 that everything is coming out of what their true nature is. Because they are not only like this in America, but they are also like this here in the Netherlands and the EU. And the fact that everything comes out is because they received resistance from you, otherwise it would NEVER have become visible. Thank you 🙏💎🙏greetings from the Netherlands 🧡🧡

  3. Fox Entertainment Faux 🦊News how about reporting about Trumps ''Spiritual Adviser'' being charged with ''Sexual Assault'' of a 12 year old girl instead of your usual drivel and garbage?

  4. Fox won't stop playing that stupid View clip for a couple of days now. Every single show. Get over it and stop giving them attention. Plenty of other things to report on; this is becoming lazy.

  5. Biden administration has be given some credit. The social experiment of running a dead man walking husk of a creepy old man who craps his pants and can't enunciate words has never been tried before. If America weren't so dumb, his wife would be held on charges of elder abuse.

  6. The Truth is The Democrats Discontinued that Broadband Internet Program.
    I Know because They Discontinued Paying for Everyone's Rural Broadband Last Month.

  7. Fox News is the biggest propaganda station on tv and everyone knows this. Trump is not going to win because he is insane. I’d rather have an “old man” that is trying to do the right thing than an insane one.

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