Jesse Watters: Dems are descending into a ‘left-wing meltdown’


Fox News host Jesse Watters says Democrats are moving into the ‘stages of grief’ before the presidential election on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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  1. And let's be honest here too! The WH has a vegetable surrounded by clowns right now, that is not the proper way to run a country! We quickly went from the most powerful country, to the laughing stock of the World!

  2. You Jessie are the one falling into a meltdown she is right trump is a vindictive lunatic and you all know it you are doing it to get ratings off vulnerable people the same ones that are sucked in by trump he doesn’t care about uneducated poor people only capitalist and the wealthy luv him because they don’t have to pay taxes and your campaign about saying African Americans are going to vote for him your dreaming

  3. The WH needs to hire a full-time nurse for Bunker Joe or put him in a wheelchair and label Joe as the second coming of Franklin Roosevelt's wartime WWII President since he will get us into WWIII.

  4. HELL ON EARTH SUPPORTED BY EVIL RIGHT MEDIA CONNING PEOPLE Copy search headings Google image is best Record fossil fuel smog Cost of climate change Record tornados Record wildfires Record drought Record floods Record crop fails Global ice melt time lapse video Dooms day glacier melting Rising seas interactive maps Rising seas causing coastal erosion Record hail Record lightening Funding the climate denial machine Fossil fuel donations to keep Trump GOP in office Trump GOP support fossil fuel Trump cuts aid causing more climate migrants Global interactive flood map US extreme heat deaths by year GOP cut water breaks Global temperatures past 62 million years Global temperatures past 24,000 years Global temperatures past 2000 years US rivers lakes drying up US record coastal erosion US record coastal flood damage US record heat wave Conservative Pierre Poilievre denying climate change Canada Conservative climate denial Trump GOP climate denial Fox news climate denial Climate change is already fueling GLOBAL migration History of science Global warming warnings graphic Why Murdoch media hates renewable energy

  5. The government should have never let it get this bad with illegal immigration. The sheer numbers, the taxpayer benefits going to non citizens, the hotels & phones & preloaded cash cards, the visa overstays, the crimes & killings being committed by people that shouldn’t even be in the country in the first place.
    They let it get SO BAD that now the overwhelming majority of American citizens support deporting EVERY person in the country illegally/undocumented/border hopper/visa overstay etc.

  6. Dog n pony.. freaking real world… First season. No no no dont care.. realize most of us are so tired of the crying baby in the room. Take the baby outside. Stop yelling its a baby. Just go im trying to figure out if Godzilla minus one is better then American Godzilla. Fact….. It so is

  7. The Brainwashing of My Dad

    A filmmaker explores the radical change of her once Democratic father to an angry right-wing fanatic after his immersion in talk radio and Fox News. She discovers this to be a powerful phenomenon that has divided families across the nation.

  8. Biden must loose so this america can get better its like right now america is in the emergency room wait for Doc Donald Trump to save it from running in to the nursing home or hospice

    I am a legal immigrants marry to my born citizen husband and we are all ready to pack up and head to the Caribbean to live if biden the get back in the white house

    This country or my little island or the world cannot survive another 4 years of inflation . High tax. Illegal migration on a high scale unveted migration . No jobs for real tax paying legal imigrant . More wars than the lord allow. This is not accepted by me who has to work hard to pay federal tax state of Pennsylvania tax and rent and bills plus send money to help my sister back in my country where inflation double of US inflation all because my little island Antigua in the Caribbean depen on 80 % of our food and all other product imported from America. So am going to vote for a better america and a better antigua and a better world if america falls the world will fall. So all smart Americans and Caribbean think for ur self and for a better future

  9. So here's the big Kicker, you go to a President TRUMP rally, everybody is just so awesome and having a great time! Then, we got the Dems….everybody is just full of HATE and just negative old farts!! Simple math here, guys! President TRUMP 2024!!!! Let's Make America Great & Happy Again!!! Cheers mates)

  10. First of all who in the hell listen to Bill Maher that jerk off been riding the fence forever he thinks he's smart put him to work with some real two hands he'll fold like a little girl 🖕🖕🖕

  11. No they are not. I wonder how fox news will spin Trump loss. All this propaganda to keep you mad and eager to vote. The base isn't enough. If you raise 50 million by the same percentage of people don't mean you got more voters you got the same people just giving more money like fools

  12. Perhaps some divine intervention is finally taking place because of the Left's damning effects on this country. We don't want it ripped up and altered in some type of transformation from an Obama dream.

  13. And old Joy has a microphone and shouts to millions from the top of her tree and equates that with mass public opinion. She's just ONE person with a "privileged" ability to yell ONE-WAY at millions, while none of them can yell back.

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