‘KNOWN FOR MONTHS’: Biden’s cognitive decline apparent after 1st debate


‘The Big Weekend Show’ co-hosts discuss President Biden’s performance at the CNN Presidential Debate.

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  1. Personally, I never liked Biden. First time he ran for office , he was a slime ball. I do however feel bad for him losing his mental facility. I've often said that I would rather be blind, in a wheelchair or deaf than lose my mind. Sad that Jill tries to cover for him and not give him the dignity of bowing out gracefully.

  2. I don't know what you guys are talking about. Biden's cognitive decline was readily apparent in the first Obama administration. I stunned that nobody else caught it.

  3. In a bid to explain the MAGA cult leader’s lunatic actions and words, every news story about him should begin with the following phrase, “trump, a pathological liar who suffers from a malignant narcissistic personality disorder.”

  4. Come on American people you idiots wake up he's talking about giving Medicare to all illegal aliens that means that anybody that comes across our border illegally gets medical care but us the American citizens have been fighting for decades to be able to get decent medical Care in the country that has the best medical care and we have been jerked around with insurance and you have to pay your premiums and you have to keep up with all this garbage this is a joke listen to this man he's selling us out

  5. Cmon people…JEAN -PIERRE already told all of you…your eyes are lying to you! Joe is as sharp as a tack! I myself as a TRUMP voter see nothing wrong at all with JOE running.

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