Kayleigh McEnany: The Left is Trying to Distort Hunter Biden’s Trial


Fox News’ Rich Edson reports the latest on the first son’s gun trial.

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  1. The infatuation that Fox News and MAGA have for a non-government American citizen is extremely disturbing.
    Is it a craving, lust, animalistic desires, urges. Hopefully Hunter will help them reach their climax

  2. The consequences we reap on Earth do not even compare to the consequences we reap from God. It is my duty as a Christian to tell Biden's to turn from their evil ways, repent and seek Yeshua for your salvation. God bless America

  3. These FRIGGIN LIARS spun the Biden Impeachment inquiry for over a year and it turned out they were parroting Russian and Chinese disinformation. I really look forward the GOP starting drug testing as a prerequisite to buying a gun now.

  4. Nobody on the left cares about the Hunter trial. Oh, by the way maga, where's that Joe Biden impeachment at? Thought we had ALL that evidence! Not to mention the laptop from hell! You waiting until Biden's second term?😂😂

  5. They spun joeys classified docs charges and got away with it by saying he is unfit and poor memory to stand trial…..Well the Republicans need to make Joey withdraw and step down from POTUS if he is unfit or if they say he is fit then he needs to be charged with it!!! Can NOT have it both ways!!!

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