Jury Begins Deliberations in Hunter Biden Firearms Case


Fox News host Martha MacCallum has the latest on Hunter Biden’s federal gun charges.

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  1. Question… Why isn't any news stations covering the FACT that Russia has moved war ships into Cuba territory for "military drills", amidst the painfully obvious and unjustified support for Ukraine being able to attack inside Russia? Why did I get a message telling me that the policies on my cell phone carrier to be able to talk to those countries has changed effective IMMEDIATELY? Sounds to me like war strategy. Cutting off communication so whatever our leaders WANT to be shared will be shared and not Truth by any means. God Bless our Country and our people because Russia IS within striking distance now, OR will our own government make it LOOK LIKE Russia attacks in order to justify sending troops or more funding to Ukraine? Just some questions I have and I used to believe in FOX News of all of them until I noticed that they're not showing anything about it neither. (Legacy Media GROUP?) 🤔

  2. He will walk. We will pay his salary. And a letter of apology to him for doubting him. Yep, and Trump will do Hunters sentence. Hmm sounds like what will happen. Hey, guess who dad and mom are.

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