Kayleigh McEnany: Here’s the Latest Disinformation Tactic


The ‘Outnumbered’ panel discussed their reaction to the media being accused of spinning Trump’s remarks on ‘revenge’ during his sit-down interview with Dr. Phil.

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  1. I understand President Trump saying he does not want “retribution” when he’s elected, he wants to unite the country. But there is a grave danger of “doing nothing” to those I say were involved in criminal conspiracies to undermine this country. President Trump should not seek retribution but JUSTICE! Not for himself, but the American People! Those conspirators should be charged accordingly and tried. Then let a Judge or Jury convict or exonerate and sentence appropriately. This is how healing starts in this country and is just as important (if not more important) then uniting the country!

  2. Democrats believe they can slap anyone then they cry why you slapping me back.. They have a right to prosecute President Trump but he must be kind to them.. I believe democrats are like spoilt brats.. unless they get disciplined they just get worse.

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