Former DA Phil Holloway: Witnesses Severely Impacted Hunter Biden


Former assistant District Attorney Phil Holloway discusses the latest details from Hunter Biden’s federal trial.

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  1. LOL, we are delusional in this 2 tier DOJ if we think scum bag Hunter Biden is even found guilty.
    Biden Crime family in the court room. DNC has already had friends of friends get to at least 3 of the jurors I'm willing to bet.

  2. Addiction causes problems everywhere. At least he admits to wrong doing, admits of misjudgement etc. Many of us were raised in homes with alcoholic parents, and we have heard apologies, and the lies, etc while a family member heals with a black eye or worse. Also Hunter did not leave courtroom cussing out the judge, name calling etc, he admits to his wrong doing. On the other hand Trump berates all the judges prosecutors, according to Trump he has never done anything wrong. The way I see Trump is he is mean to women, disrespectful. He is a bully, a sloppy dresser ill fitting cheap suites, and in my opinion not worthy for 2024. Bob

  3. We the people see what the Bidens DOJ is doing to Trump that's why we the people are voting for president TRUMP in November to save our great country from the communist dictators Joe Biden and the Democrats

  4. I guess this validates your underlying hatred huh? See…you knew. You know people are bad. Your disability is to see your reflection. Fox news promotes the behaviors of bullies and narcissists.

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