Jesse Watters: Major Bombshell Revealed in Trump Documents Case


Fox News host Jesse Watters gives his take on the FBI authorizing the use of ‘deadly force’ during the Mar-a-Lago raid and the legal cases against former President Trump on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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  1. Be poll workers, wear body cameras or take recording devices of any type. Evict addict $buy-den. Call board of elections if need be in your area. Reach to RNC to register voters, & take online training to be a poll worker so you know what to look for & what to do. Leak discrepancies to conservative media of any type & or Trump lawyers if there is foul play. Call officers, file reports. Take down info or license plate numbers of offenders. End wars!

  2. Maybe you don't like the way New Yorkers do justice in their state, but they have to bring charges against Trump. He pissed off enough of the wrong people. This is the time when jurors test their recall, their thoughts and feelings about Trump's guilt or innocence. As far as reaching a verdict, it will turn on the majority's ability to avoid a mistrial.

  3. Let's see….how many people around Trump have been put in prison, had their house/office raided, threatened with prison time if they didn't cooperate? Now, how many people did Trump put in prison or go after like that? And, Trump is a threat to democracy? Once again, Democrats accusing the other side of what they're doing. They've been torturing this man, his family, everyone in his orbit for 8 years. How can you defend that?

  4. What’s hilarious is Rico trump supporters want Biden impeached with no evidence, while there’s a ton of evidence and witnesses against Rico trump and they think that’s a witch hunt. LOL

  5. We also NEVER had a former PRESIDENT STEAL CLASSIFIED document & REFUSE to return them we also NEVER had a LOSING President REFUSE to concede then try to OVERTURN the results which in turn helped spark a RIOT @ the CAPITAL

  6. How any other Lawyer or Judge Allow those things to Happen to the Trump Family is beyond ME. and they Turn a BLIND EYE to Clintons – Obam's & Bidens and their Treasonist Acts – and Continue to Allow the EVIL to Persist – it shows you Absolutely How DEEP the Crookedness is in Our Government — Nothing is more EVIL then Crooked LAW.

  7. This is hilarious. It’s as if everyone’s ignoring the fact that Trump and his family are criminals.

    You say in the opening that the FBI did this and then blame it on Biden. Biden is not the FBI nor does he have power over the FBI.

    I know no present has ever authorized it because no other ex-president was such a criminal.

    Don’t forget, Trump is about to go to jail for a few months

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