Is Biden ‘The Acting President’? Concerns Grow About His Cognitive Health


A recent report by New York Magazine has revealed that longtime friends of the Biden family were concerned about the President’s cognitive decline as early as 2023. According to the report, these friends were “disturbed” and “shocked” by Biden’s apparent memory lapses, including instances where he failed to recognize their names.

One guest at a White House event in 2023 was left feeling “with horror” when Biden declined to attend a reception, citing his inability to “make it through the reception.” This realization led the guest to question whether Biden was truly fit to continue serving as President.

The report also highlights Biden’s increasing difficulty in being reached for official government business, with some officials describing him as “cocooned within mounting layers of bureaucracy.” This isolation has led to concerns that Biden is being spoken for rather than speaking for himself.

The concerns about Biden’s cognitive decline have been fueled by a series of incidents, including his recent debate performance in June, where he struggled to complete his thoughts and sentences. Additionally, the White House’s admission that Biden was unaware of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s hospitalization for prostate cancer surgery has raised further questions about the President’s ability to perform his duties.

The report suggests that Washington has been speculating about the possibility of Biden being replaced as the Democrat presidential nominee, with some insiders questioning whether he is truly fit to continue serving as President.

Kristina Wong
Kristina Wong
Pentagon Correspondent.

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