Former Gov Scott Walker: Biden is talking about issues 'unrelated' to voters


Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker joins ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto’ to discuss President Biden doubling down on staying in the presidential race.

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  1. This election is simple. If you want democracy, a good economy, equality, NATO, the Rule of Law, etc…, vote for Joe Biden. If you want a tyrannous autocracy with Trump as a monarch, vote against everything America has traditionally stood for. A vote for Trump is also a vote against the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers in the Revolutionary War. They fought that war to free us from a monarch. Patriotism is voting Blue in November.

  2. @Nee-d7l
    9 minutes ago
    Compare to Trump he’s 35yo. Trump a liar, rapist, Crook, felon. When Hamas, Russia invades US because Trump sold US out for his financial gain, you’ll be sorry. Trump is a risk to the country’s democracy and security. Worse time to elect Trump when the world is at war with the Evils of the world.

  3. Biden is talking about issues 'unrelated' to voters? He's certainly not addressing issues important to me. Then again, I could say the same thing about the Republican Party. At a time when anti-White racism is promoted within universities, corporations, financial institutions, government agencies, political institutions, Republicans couldn't be bothered to address the relentless promotion of anti-White racism in the USA. But Republicans did have time to take up the cause of teaching Jewish mythology in K-12 classrooms, as though it's the foundation/ source of our system of governance. What a load of bs and obviously an attempt to groom young Americans for the GOP Zionist Jewish supremacist/ Christian Nationalist extremist movement.

  4. This whole LYING ADMINISTTATION NEEDS TO STEP DOWN NOW. The LYING DNC is Anything but the "Democratic" Party it claims to be… now being held hostage by a demented plagiarist liar.. to be given to the annointed DEI Queen of The Private Prison Industrial Complex, KAMALA. What a narcissistic old traitorous windbag. DISGUSTING

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