Illegal immigrant arrested in murder of Maryland mom


Randolph Rice, attorney for murdered Maryland mom Rachel Morin’s family, on an arrest finally being made in the case and the role illegal immigration played in the crime.

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  1. this is sad and unjust, i hope she gets justice. but people get murdered in this country all the time, Fox "news" is just using this poor womans story to scare people into voting for chump

  2. It’s JB, Kamala, Democratic senates and Congress and the rest of people who supported for the open boarders. You all a killers to those who have lost their life because of you all letting the boarders open.

  3. Why the hell wasn't he in jail Biden should be arrested for treason and domestic terrorism he is putting all Americans in danger how is this even being allowed

  4. It’s sad for America that this is something that will go on for years to come, he is not the only one let in to this country that is a criminal…the Democratic Party has destroyed this country …they don’t care about Americans they care about obtaining power to control Americans….FJB….

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