Ex-FBI Agent Warns of Possible 9/11-Scale Attack on US Soil


Former FBI agent Chris Swecker warned that the lack of vetting of foreign nationals entering the US through the southern border could lead to another 9/11-style attack. Swecker, a former assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division, emphasized that the absence of proper vetting increases the vulnerability to such attacks.

During an appearance on “Morning in America,” Swecker referenced a recent incident in which eight Tajikistan nationals with suspected ties to ISIS were caught crossing the border and later arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities. He highlighted the need for improved vetting processes to prevent similar incidents.

Swecker, who has experience analyzing terrorist organizations and tactics, expressed concern that the large number of unvetted foreign nationals entering the country poses a significant threat. “Most people don’t realize that terrorist organizations want to wipe out our Western civilization,” he said.

Swecker, who was sent to Iraq in 2003, praised the progress made in intelligence collection and coordination between agencies, but noted that these efforts are undermined by the lack of border security. “We’ve made great strides in intelligence, coordination, and law enforcement, but it’s all for naught if we let people come across the border without any vetting,” he said.

Swecker urged the government to take action, citing the need for real-time interviews and vetting of individuals crossing the border. However, he lamented that Congress has yet to pass funding for additional border security measures, despite recognizing the threat.

Devan Markham
Devan Markham
Digital Reporter. Previously, Markham worked as a freelance associate producer for entertainment networks Netflix and MTV, where she worked on hit reality TV shows Love is Blind and Siesta Key. Originally from Chicago, Markham graduated from Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut, with a degree in Digital Journalism.

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