This is the ‘best course’ for Hunter Biden: John Yoo


Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo joins ‘Cavuto Live’ with legal analysis of Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial and new developments in former President Trump’s NY criminal trial.

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  1. They are not gonna convict hunter Biden in Delaware they are gonna let him off OK he's not gonna pay 41 crime he is committed okay he's not gonna be held accountable for nothing alright so I'm gonna let him off and deliver out a gun charge and then if he is found guilty of anything his dad is going to Pardon him he will not see 1 day in jail or be fined one penny and it is absolutely utterly disgusting that someone With as many criminal cases that should be thrown in jail for watchways Scott free and then we've got AX president the leading republican party who hasn't done a crime get throwning jail it's utterly disgusting

  2. So, let’s get this straight:
    The son of a sitting president gets knocked for drug abuse but the manufacturers of opioids, The Sacklers, get a pass?
    My! Ain’t this a POLITICAL HIT.


  3. Have any of these reporters ever seen the 4473 form…it asks (are you an unlawful user or addicted to) so it seems like a moot point weather he is addicted or not

  4. "Slightly to the left"? Really Cavuto? Hard left is more like it. Trump should never have been tried in that environment. If ever there was a reason for change of venue this, was it.

  5. This is a waste of time he wont be convicted of anything that will give him prison time. He got away with bringing cokke and using coke and leaving coke on the cubby stall table. Tge secret service didnt do their jobs that day. None of them did. They all should be firdd and brought up on charges for letting a drug inside the west wing . He wont be prosecuted for the gun the drugs or tax evasion… Not anything else on his forgotten laptop. He wont be punished.

  6. Trump is a convicted felon. Here are a few of his other criminal associates who are also felons: his campaign chairman, his deputy campaign manager, his personal lawyer, his chief strategist, his national security adviser, his trade adviser, his foreign policy adviser, his campaign fixer and his company C.F.O.
    "You know a man by the company he keeps." Aesop

  7. Hunter got kicked out of the Navy for coke! I wouldn't be surprised if he's still on it today! He's guilty, now lets see what the Government does with their dual system of justice!

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