Former FBI Agent Alarmed by RFK Jr.’s Lack of Secret Service Protection, Calls Situation ‘Puzzling’


Former FBI Special Agent Nicole Parker weighs in on threats to political representatives as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls for Secret Service protection.

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  1. Who benefits if RFK junior got assassinated well it's Joe Biden also they want to takeaway secret service protection for Trump if he goes to preisin and who would benefit from something happening to Trump in prison … Joe Biden

  2. just make the orange cult leader go away and thing will get better in about a month remember the orange cult leaders cult has tons of "poorly educated" cultist that he loves 😉

  3. The guy should have Secret Service protection. He’s an established Presidential candidate and is due it! Biden is the one not providing it because yet again, he wants to punish his political enemies and he sees RFK jr as a real threat! Pathetic!

  4. The US today again send missiles at a village in Russia, 25 people and two children, go to a store. They all died. Neighbors running to save the wounded, and then there was a second send of US missiles on this store. Only civilians. The Pentagon will be erased, so it is written. .. YouTube erase this real information

  5. He don't need secret service. He needs prison him and his wife that went on vacation with Ghislaine Maxwell and jefferyEpstein and brought his kids he had at the time . Minor girls , just the type Epstein loved and abused

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