Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Rumored to Divorce, Sparking Debate on Modern Marriage Challenges


Jennifer Lopez, the Hollywood singer and actress, and her fourth husband, actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck, are rumored to be getting a divorce after two years of marriage. The lesson: Marriage is facing challenges in modern culture.

The institution of marriage is a crucial factor in a stable society. As marriage declines, future generations suffer. Statistics indicate that children raised by parents in long-term marriages become the most productive members of society. Deviating from this model correlates with the diminishing prospects of young people.

Bradley Wilcox, a professor at Brigham Young University, wrote an article for Deseret News titled “Perspective: For kids, marriage still matters.” As he noted, “Children from non intact families are about half as likely to graduate from college and twice as likely to land in prison.” Wilcox added, “Evidence could not be clearer that kids are far more likely to flourish when they have the privilege of being raised by their own married parents.”

Indeed, long-term marriages are crucial and beneficial. However, when our culture undermines the institution of marriage, that degradation often becomes a source of entertainment. Aspiring to multiple marriages, like that of Lopez, overlooks the true intent of vows to include “until death do us part.”

For Lopez and Affleck, the media fascination with their marital issues is hardly entertaining. However, it gains traction because culture undervalues the traditional institution of marriage. The problem is that marriage should not be perceived as an optional agreement based on romance, happiness, or convenience. It’s unfortunate that traditional relationships have shifted towards short-term considerations, harming families in the process.

Marriage is a sacred institution. We should commend and honor those who strive to provide a stable home for children through long-term marriages. Statistics support that many of the most productive members of society come from such environments.

The traditional family has always been, and remains, the cornerstone of a thriving culture. And this foundation begins with strong marriages.

Anna Broussard
Anna Broussard
Staff Writer.

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