‘An Absolute Disaster’: Border Mayor Criticizes Biden’s Lack of Transparency


El Cajon, California, Mayor Bill Wells joins ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss Biden’s upcoming action on the border, criticizing the ‘political theater’ as an attempt to gain votes before the 2024 election.

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  1. Yeah poop daddy about 11 million people late, your policies created the invasion and now you're worried about the polls. No other reason, well sit on that poll and rotate 😏🤬🤬💩👴💭

  2. Has this Obiden border been a smoke screen? Could focus on the big picture been a distraction to the detail? Have all the people really wanted in this country arrived? Maybe Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib could shed some light on this question?

  3. If Biden permanently closed it… You liars would claim it's a scam too. You can't ever satisfy disingenuous Trumpers who actually couldn't care less about fixing it as much as they do about exploiting something for profit (like FOX and Trump) and for hateful spite and bs political fun and games.

  4. They are. . . .I L L E G A L A L I E N S………..period. They are breaking the law…………………….Biden has been breaking the law since day one. and what punishment ??

  5. He’s not concerned about the border he is concerned about votes. Too little, way late. Their Hail Mary play, will be to allow the 20 million people he allowed in to legally vote. Even if they don’t, I’m sure they will be sent a mail in ballot.

  6. This will get struck down in the courts just like it was when Trump tried to restrict asylum seeking through executive action. Executive action cannot circumvent current legislation. This needs to be fixed through legislation.

  7. I'm glad that he's finally doing something effective on the border. It's really hard for me to vote a convicted felon into office so with Biden addressing the Border it makes it easier for me to vote Democrats this time around

  8. I hope that Americans can see through Bidens bs!! He wants the boarder open, that's been obvious for 3 yrs!! FJB!! MAGA 💯 🇺🇸 AMERICA FIRST!! TRUMP '24 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🇺🇸

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