Gutfeld: UPenn Protester, “Crying Poor,” Turns Out to Be from a “Loaded” Family


‘Gutfeld!’ panelists weigh in on UPenn student Eliana Atienza claiming a suspension for participating in an anti-Israel encampment made her ‘homeless’ despite reportedly coming from wealth.

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  1. Gutfeld provided no evidence the girl was not going to be homeless, exactly as she said. She may have a house thousands of miles away.
    By the way, being rich doesn't invalidate the protests. It's bizarre that Gutfeld thinks so.

  2. My brother was an exchange student in the Philippines. At age 15 he was the tallest person in the school bar none. Students, or staff. Just one blond guy, sailing in a sea of black hair,

  3. Being Pilipino, her parents may be traditional. Which she won't be happy when she goes home, they may arrange a marriage for her, and there goes all that college education. She'll be stuck at home raising children. But maybe their as liberal as she is, and she'll end up alone like 99% of the liberals

  4. This little Filipino girl has struck yet another fatal blow to the MYTH of "white privilege." The ONLY color associated with privilege in America is GREEN, the color of MONEY!!!

    On an unrelated note, can Greg do a show where he just tells jokes and makes Charlie laugh? Charlie has a great laugh!! I love it!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  5. So what? does she have a right to protest in America or not? do you believe in free speech or not? how is vilifying her any better than when the woke left does it???? WELL??? its different because you dont like her? or her politics or her background???? is that it??? speak up im so sick of the hypocrisy. DO YOU HAVE PRINCIPALS OR NOT?

  6. We, as Filipinos, do not condone her behavior. US can send her to Gaza or China we don't care. She is a moronic virtue signalling spoiled brat rich kid and we need less of those.

  7. Sad that so much of our society is made up of liberals and democrats lying about being victims because they know it equals status, power and attention in their little envy based projection cult.

  8. That is what life is all about, you go through life, and you step all over your own air-hose, now if Mommie and daddy don't bail her out she will have to face the real world…………………to be continued.

  9. Turn her over to some actual poor people who have to try to live on a thousand dollars a month disability after working until they physically couldn’t anymore. She will find out about victim lol

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