Introducing Call Arc: The Voice-Activated Answer App


Arc Search, a new app from The Browser Company, introduces a quick, voice-activated way for users to get answers on the go. The AI-driven feature, Call Arc, operates by enabling users to make a brief phone call to receive answers to their questions.

While Arc Search already includes Voice Search, this latest feature aims to be a fun method for obtaining swift answers. According to the company, Call Arc is ideal for addressing immediate and small queries.

To use this feature, open the app, hold the phone to your ear, and ask your question. The app will then provide you with an instant verbal response.

The company describes Call Arc as a fresh approach to voice search, offering quicker responses than typing while making the experience as effortless as calling a friend.

Image Credits: The Browser Company

For example, if you’re preparing dinner and have some questions about ingredient preparation, you can ask, “How long should I cook spaghetti?” The app will give a prompt answer, and you can follow up with another question like, “Why should I keep some of the pasta water?”

You can continue interacting with the AI while cooking, asking any questions that come to mind. As you listen to its answers, an animated smiley face appears on-screen, with a moving mouth that delivers the audio responses.

The Browser Company launched Arc Search in January to provide users with a dedicated app for their queries. This app includes a “Browse for me” function that curates a well-organized webpage containing relevant information for each search query. This feature, powered by models from OpenAI and other sources, reads at least six web pages to compile the information into a new page for the user.

In March, Truth Voices reported that The Browser Company secured $50 million in a funding round led by Pace Capital, reaching a valuation of $550 million.

Aisha Malik
Aisha Malik
Aisha is a consumer news reporter. Previously, she was a telecom reporter at MobileSyrup. Aisha holds an honours bachelor’s degree from University of Toronto and a master’s degree in journalism from Western University.

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