Google Pay Now Shows Card Benefits and Payment Options


Google Pay is introducing several new updates that leverage its integration with other Google products such as Android and the Chrome browser. Starting Wednesday, users checking out with Google Pay will gain access to card benefits and perks before selecting a card, use “buy now, pay later” options from partners like Affirm and Zip, and fill in card details using biometrics or a PIN instead of entering a security code.

These updates aim to enhance the user experience of Google Pay, making it a more attractive alternative to other payment methods, including those provided by developers or retailers through platforms like Stripe, and other tech giants’ services like Apple, Amazon, and PayPal.

One of the standout features being introduced is the ability to view each card’s benefits and rewards before making a selection. Google highlights that users with multiple credit cards, each offering different perks, may not always remember the best card to use in a particular situation. For instance, some cards may offer travel perks, while others might provide dining rewards or cash back. When a user clicks into the Card Number box to choose from saved payment methods, Google Pay will now display the relevant perks associated with each card.

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Initially, this feature will support American Express and Capital One cards, and Google plans to include more cards in the future. Currently, it only works on Chrome desktop.

Another update is the addition of the “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) option during checkout. Google started testing this feature earlier in the year, and it’s now expanding to more merchant sites and Android apps across the U.S. Google is collaborating with BNPL providers, including Affirm and Zip. At checkout, Google Pay users can sign into their existing accounts with these providers or sign up directly from the checkout screen.

Image Credits: Google

Additionally, Google is simplifying card verification by allowing users to confirm their card without entering its security code, a step that often requires manual lookup.

Instead, Chrome and Android users will be able to verify their card details using the same method they use to unlock their Android devices, such as fingerprint, face scan, or screen lock PIN. Users can also set up a device unlock that requires unlocking the device before card details are shown, ensuring card information remains secure from others who might have access to the device.

Image Credits: Google

These new features are now being rolled out to Google Pay on the web and on Android.

Sarah Perez
Sarah Perez
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