Gavin Newsom is the face of what's 'wrong' with politics: Adam Carolla


Comedian and podcast host Adam Carolla tells ‘One Nation’ his opinion of California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

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  1. 🫡🇺🇲 "Let's Truly Most Definitely, Absolutely and Positively Make America Great and First Again and put All and Every American First Again Always and Forevermore, 🇺🇸 TRUMP 2O24!"👍. (FGN & FJB!)

  2. I am Californian and I don’t feel offended that you call Californians dumb. I just want to make it clear that not “All” Californians are dumb. I never voted for Newsom or any Democrats . I just don’t know why they always win.

  3. I live in California. Newsome was given a diamond and somehow has destroyed the state. Worst I’ve ever seen it. Been here since the 70’s. Never voted for him. If he became president, he would be the only one that could wreck the country worse than Biden.

  4. So I heard they want to take away the10,000 dollar home tax cap Trump did. Wouldn't that make more wealthy buy homes that the middle and lower class could. I guess a few states have extreme property tax in the east, but we need more people buying a home and not a whole different class . People need to be able to buy homes.

  5. That vapid dumb Californian is a WEED ADDICTED COGNITIVE DISSONANT. That is ALL California stands for. WEED. Biggest bunch of BONES I've ever met. The DESERVE EVERYTHING THEY VOTE FOR. THEIR FAULT.

  6. I hate Gavy. He can be bought by anyone who wants to give him cash. That's why fast food is having their $20 minimum wage problem. He was bought off by their union. Why isn't the FBI all over Sacramento investigating all of the Democrats? Adam is wrong about Californians though. He should have said Democrats in California. We're not all that way. But we have too many dumb voters in this state.

  7. Him and all the others in this party are just as guilty of elder abuse as Jill. I think Jill is going to pull an Edith Wilson on us. She's going to be calling the shots for Joe like Edith did for her husband. Anyone who vote for Biden is just as guilty as everyone else for putting this man thru all this confusion and chaos all for the sake of power. None of you ppl care about Biden if you did you wouldn't be doing this to him in the first place. You would want to put his health first. It would just show how heartless you ppl are just like putting this country last you'd put Biden's health last as well.

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