Former Capitol Police officer forms group opposing ‘MAGA extremists’


Harry Dunn, a former U.S. Capitol Police officer, is initiating a political action committee aimed at supporting pro-democracy candidates while opposing former President Donald Trump and “anti-democracy MAGA extremists.”

Dunn was among the officers who defended the Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021, riot. In May, he ran for one of Maryland’s open House seats with an endorsement from Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

“A Super PAC funded by MAGA extremist donors who also gave to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Lauren Boebert just dropped $500k in our race,” he posted on X after a super PAC associated with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee supported his primary opponent. “They want to buy this election. They will fail.”

Harry Dunn, the former U.S. Capitol Police officer who defended the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, smiles while campaigning in the Democratic primary for Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District on Saturday, May 11, 2024, in Millersville, Maryland. (AP Photo/Brian Witte)

Dunn ultimately lost the Democratic primary for Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District to state Sen. Sarah Elfreth.

He is now launching a new hybrid PAC, named Dunn’s Democracy Defenders, to support candidates “who will protect democracy from MAGA and help get big money out of our politics,” while targeting “insurrectionists” and others he considers threats to democracy, as per his press release.

“Our democracy hangs in the balance,” Dunn stated. “MAGA extremists are trying to end our democracy. Giant super PACs want to buy our democracy so it only works for them. Now more than ever, our democracy needs Defenders.”

In 2022, Dunn testified before the House committee investigating the Capitol attack. Following the insurrection, he has aimed to become more politically active “to fight and preserve our Constitution and fight for our democracy,” he mentioned in an interview with the Hill.

Dunn did not disclose which candidates he would support or oppose in this election cycle.

A hybrid PAC, often referred to as a Carey Committee, operates with two distinct bank accounts — one for contributions to candidates, which has contribution limits, and another for independent expenditures, allowing unlimited donations from groups and individuals.

Ailin Vilches Arguello
Ailin Vilches Arguello
Editorial Intern. Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ailin Vilches Arguello graduated from the University of Rochester, NY, with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Language, Media, and Communications.

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