Bill Barr Calls Trump’s NY Case an ‘Abomination’


Former Attorney General Bill Barr shares his perspective on the NY criminal trial and conviction of former President Trump on ‘The Story.’

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  1. As far as international conflicts, Trump added more fuel to the fire, dropping more bombs, increasing civilian deaths and strongmaning other countries to do his bidding. Domestically we had countless school shootings, mall shootings, nightclub and concert massacres, a rise in anti semitism and white nationalism. Countless black men and boys were killed by the police. We had riots all across the country and Trump supporters breaking in the capital. Oh and Trump suggested we ingest bleach during covid.

  2. What else would Bill Barr say?

    Barr didn't mind going after Hunter Biden but he didn't mind Trump phoning Raffensperger and asking him to find him precisely 11,780 votes because that is one more than I need.

  3. We have not only witnessed a two tier justice system but we are also seeing the attempt by the Judge to DENY PRESIDENT TRUMP HIS 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS by continuing this gag order. If they can convict him and take away his 1st amendment rights we are all in very big trouble. I personally am disgusted with the entire govenment at this point. CORRUPTION AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP "BIG GUY".

  4. Odd that none of this ever occurred to Barr when he was A.G. and would not lift a finger to address the shadow government crap that kept President Trump practically shackled during his entire first term.

  5. Haven't always liked some of Barr's stances, but on this, he has it 100% on the money.
    IMHO, This rogue, far left, "get Trump" judge, has aptly proved by his restrictive and limited rulings, violating both State And Federal law procedures and rules that he should be disbarred.

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