NIH’s handling of COVID origins hurt the credibility of science: Dr. Robert Redfield


Former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield joins ‘America’s Newsroom’ to weigh in ahead of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s testimony before the House on COVID origins and the government’s pandemic response.

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  1. REMEMBER WHO WAS IN CHARGE trump did nothing except lie at beginning,,"it 12 people it will be gone soon he said" he could have put someone else . not fauci,, trumps to blame for most

  2. Twitter censored every voice who tried to question this experimemt ffs. Crimes Against Humanity. Uninformed Consent. There are likely thousands involved in this LIE who should be dealt with… including the main stream media….Treason.

  3. Ever notice how Republicans are "always trying to find the truth" while Democrats just make up their truth and then call you a racist, sexist, homophobe if you disagree? Anyone else remember Democrats complaining Trump didn't listen to the experts but then when Trump listened to the experts, people like Fauci lied and literally just made up covid rules as he went with no real scientific basis for it but then the dems blamed Trump for none of Fauci's recommendations working? I remember. I also remember Biden saying in 2020 that any President presiding over 220k covid deaths should be disqualified from reelection. Well Biden has now been president and he's presided over 800k covid related deaths, based on Biden's own words he should be disqualified from reelection

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