Berkshire Hathaway Shares Drop 99% Due to NYSE Technical Glitch


A technical glitch is being held responsible for a chaotic opening at the New York Stock Exchange on Monday morning, which apparently caused significant disruptions in the quoted prices of shares for several companies, including Berkshire Hathaway.

The New York Stock Exchange halted trading in shares of various companies and announced that it is investigating what it referred to as a “technical issue.”

Shortly after the exchange opened for cash trades on Monday morning, Berkshire Hathaway’s Class A shares plummeted by an astonishing 99.97 percent, prompting a halt in trading. The shares, typically priced in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, were frozen at $185.10. Warren Buffett owns approximately 40 percent of the Class A shares.

Conversely, Berkshire’s Class B shares, which are more commonly traded, only dipped by 0.97 percent to $410.36 and continued to trade normally.

John Carney
John Carney
Before I became a journalist, I practiced law at Skadden Arps and Latham & Watkins.

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