Democrats could be ‘even worse’ off without Biden: Kevin McCarthy


Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reacts to the Democratic Party’s scramble to determine President Biden’s future in the 2024 election on ‘America’s Newsroom.’

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  1. Biden is clearly anti American because he’s all in for open borders & til this day he has NOT!!! called or apologized to any of the victims families that was sexually assaulted violently attacked & killed by illegal migrants

  2. Nobody is worse than Biden running and it was the plan all along. The best chance they have is for someone good to run against Trump in the least amount of time and I have been saying this.

  3. Finally someone is getting smart, why try to help the democrats make him leave? Better if he stays in and looses. Lots of better democrat candidates who are more popular than Biden who could beat trump. Also, Democrats must have had a plan ready for this…the longer he stays in the more time the gloves are off the next candidate. Don’t trust they don’t know what they’re doing or that anything is as it seems.

  4. BREAKING: @AOC just introduced articles of impeachment for Supreme Court justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.
    Thomas has received luxury vacations from billionaire GOP donor Harlan Crow for decades.
    Alito has taken gifts from billionaire and GOP megadonor Paul Singer.

    So much for the party of law and order! If you are breaking the law you’re a criminal! 😂

  5. Outstanding! When FJB does his Presser tonight; manifest destiny FJB does horrible then it's OFFICIAL! For his own good.
    He will not get the care he needs if he stays on campaign lying about his deteriorating mental health needs.

  6. Here is what, Godly Prophets, did, to, a vile, filthy, Pelosi, and Joe, Sodom-tes, child pappin-, The Vatacan, a Fentynal, a Herion, a Cocaine, killer, Rome Italy, Unatural, a Cult, mother & child, worshiper, drug dealing, mafia, The Vatacan, Revelations 17:1 -10, said, 5 nations fell. ,?

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