Biden’s need for power, control puts America in harm’s way: Leo Terrell


Fox News contributor Leo Terrell and former Priorities USA political director Kristal Knight join ‘Fox News Live’ to discuss President Biden dismissing his ‘bad debate’ as he’s urged to bow out of the 2024 election.

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  1. The entire Dem party is putting us in harms way. It doesn't matter which communist Dem is in charge. Needs to be fixed from top to bottom, president to the very last agency

  2. THANK YOU LEO POWER MONEY GREED IS WHAT EVERYTHING IS ALL ABOUT THE HELL WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Don't let any of the democrat or republican tell you about the care about any little people when they're lining their pockets with illegal stock trades for millions. I wish fox with talk more about that

  3. Here is the thing Biden had his shot at the presidency, Biden has failed in multiple ways, Biden is deteriorating quickly. He has been horrible for America. He won’t step down because Biden, his family, and his administration is driven by greed. They have no reason to do the things they done during this race. Biden is a disgrace to our nation.

  4. I can't believe that Jill, his own son and his whole party are doing this to him. I really really do not like him. I really do not. I'm called to love him, as to all human beings. Do not wish him any harm, no illwill, no physical bodily harm etc. I am NOT called to like him. I do hope that he becomes unalived, I wish him peace. BUT I do believe he needs to step down. He's old.
    Having said this …. TRUMP NOVEMBER
    Drill baby drill 💜🙏

  5. The Cỏngress should have a law about a president health. As a public figure,the president health should be public, checked by a Congress appoved Drs. It is very very important for the nation because the president is chief of military anf nuclear force.

  6. seriously, dems, no one is going to vote for a lame duck. trump is at the top of his game, he had to be, you keep kicking him. Trump is going to steamroll this election …. what's sad is the blatant elder abuse! it doesn't even take a doctor anymore to determine joe's no longer home and the stoves gone out…everyone has seen it… stop being so cruel ….even to crooked joe….

  7. I SAID BEFORE, people all over the world are kicking out the conservatives and the UK just did the same thing, people want jobs and like Biden he delivered and is still delivering. Conservatives promises so much and never deliver like Trump , no infrastructure bill, no healthcare, no million jobs just lies and the world is tired of fake politicians like Trump

  8. Wow is this network full of idiots. But they all stand to get very rich if Trump gets elected. So of course this network of billionaires is wanting Trump There the puppet masters and Trump is the puppet

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