Biden Campaign Plans to Limit ABC News Interview to Minimize Risk of Slip-Ups


The Biden campaign is taking extraordinary measures to keep President Joe Biden’s first post-debate interview with ABC News brief, with a goal of showcasing his mental acuity and fitness for office. The interview, scheduled with George Stephanopoulos, is intended to address concerns over Biden’s health and reassure voters that he is capable of performing his duties.

However, sources indicate that the campaign is planning to cut the interview short after just 15 minutes — or about the time it takes for the 81-year-old to start malfunctioning. The interview was arranged in an effort to downplay the fallout from Biden’s underwhelming debate performance against former President Donald Trump.

A source at ABC News revealed that they are aware of Biden’s tendency to engage in lengthy and meandering conversations, and are hopeful that he will resist his aides’ requests to keep the discussion brief. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed that the interview is part of a broader effort to “turn the page” on Biden’s debate performance.

According to a Politico Playbook newsletter, Biden is preparing to face tough questions and demonstrate his ability to respond coherently and cogently. The interview is seen as a crucial opportunity for Biden to prove that his lengthy and sometimes incoherent responses during the debate were an aberration, rather than a sign of declining health or cognitive decline.

Sarah Arnold
Sarah Arnold
Staff writer.

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