Biden is giving China 'absolutely everything' it wants: Peter Schweizer


Government Accountability Institute president Peter Schweizer warns against President Biden’s ‘posture’ that China is our ‘friend’ on ‘Life, Liberty & Levin.’

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  1. Stupid. JOE BIDEN is making zero decisions. He is mentally hindered. Why don't you talk about the people really making the decisions. Gross yall are just as guilty. Faie news.

  2. The real danger from China will not come prior to the election. They'll wait and see if Biden can win and they get to keep their patsy in the WH, but if Trump wins they'll only have a Nov. thru Jan. window to take advantage of his weakness and compromised position. That's when they'll invade Taiwan.

  3. Of course!!!!!! The Chinese own Biden and whatever is left of him and his BRAIN and his family!!!!!!! It’s time to stop his lies and radical leftist propaganda by voting against him in November.

  4. Please worship the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, THE LORD GOD and try not to worry too much about the differences between the different religions and denominations, try to think about the similarities and the things they may have in common more than the differences. Daily prayer is a fundamental part that many people do not practice although it is encouraged

    "CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, LORD GOD,  I beg you to never force me to worship any false god or object and I ask you for forgiveness for my sins and immorality. Thank you for everything. Amen."

    Please pray this now, pray the words as you read them if you cannot look and remember them

  5. THE CHIPS AND SCIENCE ACT. A bill. BIDEN signed that is bringing semi conductor manufacturing to America. We will be producing computer chips at 500% the worlds CURRENT capacity. THAT IS THE FUTURE, Biden made America the world’s super power in computer chips.

  6. Trump Guilty on all 34 charges !!! The wicked Donald Trump – adulterer has been judged by the lord. Guilty! We all know there is no way he ascends to heavens. God bless Joseph Biden as President of the USA 🇺🇸 🙏🕊️

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