Young Bear Kicks Back in Hammock, Embraces Vermont Chill Vibes


Noah and Kristen Dweck of Vermont got an unexpected visitor recently: a bear decided to kick back on their hammock, proving even wildlife enjoys a good lounging spot.

Noah captured the moment on his iPhone, showing two young bears exploring their yard in Waitsfield. One of them casually settled onto the swinging hammock, prompting Noah to play bear-bouncer and shoo them away.

“It was a hilarious sight,” Noah told The Associated Press.

According to Noah, the bear’s hammock adventure began when he heard the hammock jingling while he was at his desk with the doors open near Sugarbush ski resort. Realizing it wasn’t the wind, he dashed upstairs and peeked out the window to find one bear chilling while the other looked on curiously. After grabbing some iPhone footage, Noah did his best to scare off the uninvited guests.

“We live in a bear hot spot, so bears are quite used to humans. I guess they’ve discovered other people’s hammocks before,” Noah mused. “Honestly, it was pretty impressive how the bear balanced on the hammock without tumbling. Quite a funny sight.”

Vermont’s black bear population seems to be enjoying more human encounters lately, with sightings and bear antics on the rise.

Associated Press
Associated Press
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