WWII Veteran: Feeling Like a Stranger in My Own Land


Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum speaks one-on-one with WWII veteran Ronald Scharfe who fought in the battle of Iwo Jima at the age of 16 on ‘The Story.’

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  1. My uncle went into the CB's at Sixteen in 1943. He had a tough time. He was in all the bad ones in the Pacific. Nice man. Died in 1977 at 53. This generation was different. We're lucky we had them and wish these young guys could get it.

  2. The Democrats do not favor veterans. Just asked a veteran. How's the veteran, I feel that we should help Israel. I think that the Democrats should allow Israel to go to Congress.😊 Abandoned Ukraine. I'm sorry to say that 🙏 but we've already wasted enough money on that war. Israel is being invaded just as we are America. They are very small nation 😲 and they are being invaded on. Being pressured to give up their small country, or I should say pieces of it. Do not allow this to happen. ⁉️ Israel does not play into the Democrats game plan. They have deep ties in Ukraine. Ukraine is paid millions of dollars to the Biden Mafia.😮⁉️ When you have pests in your home 🏠 can you call a pest exterminator. In this case America calls upon Congress, and the US Senate. The Democrats in these two houses will fight back furiously.😮👹 Because they do not want to relinquish power. 👹💯⁉️ America if we stand up to these bullies. The ones who have put us through all of these measures we are experiencing today 🙏 we need to make sure the Democratic party hears us loud and clear. 💯⁉️🙏💪👋🌎🥳

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