Will Democrats Change Their Preferred Presidential Candidate?


‘The Big Weekend Show’ panelists guess at who a second pick would be for Democratic presidential nominee if the party switches up.

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  1. Terrible to watch a failed president in america. From ENGLAND 🇬🇧 The lies from biden is unbelievable. I am from another country but can see quiet clear that biden is trying everything to jail his opposite for president. This just happened in russia. Surely america has a law to stop this corruption. Where is your serpreme court americans.

  2. Who else will they pick! Who will the Marxist Communist party support! Criminals Hilary, Pelosi and Obama all have issues to hide! If they choose someone new we need to investigate them from the top of their heads down to the tip of their toes! You don’t need to be a college grad to be smart enough to run the country! Don’t be Elite snobs!

  3. Businesses caving…legal fees skyrocketing…back taxes…lawsuit penalties…personal bankruptcy has to be on the horizon…and how many trials is he still facing. Melania better sue for divorce now, while there's still something left!

  4. এবার কি নাটক দেখাবে বাইডেন। নেতানিয়াহু বাইডেনের প্রস্তাব প্রত্যাখ্যান করে বাইডেনের গালে কসে চড় মারল না কি।

  5. The moment somebody SUCCESSFULLY calls out Joe as a p e d o p h I l e 🤷‍♀️ they’ll find a new candidate! But only if Obama and Hillary allow it. They intend on riding Joe like a pony for as long as they possibly can!

  6. After Trump and Bidens virtual debate, they will see how the polls look. But most likely, the Dems and Obiden will have to try to boost their game by nominating Mike Obama, or they will nominate that witch of a women, that women that was running as a republican what's her name. Or Talsi Gabard.

  7. Nope they will have to replace the cadaver. The globalists can’t steal the election with the Vegetable. They need to bring the CIA in with a different candidate to try and steal this thing. It will not work with a walking stiff.

  8. The judge and the jury was on the corruption of maliciously.We're acting together in concert With charges that the statue of limitation had already expired The judge is acting on the

    Prejudice With

    Alvin Bragg Together the enterprise a pattern of racketeering The Conspiracy of judge and Alvin Bragg and Michael Cohen Maliciously acted with a conspiracy of scan. For that reason, the judge and Alvin Bragg should be removed from Office and, the prosecutor alvin bragg The justice system should not tolerate this corruption A violation of state law.

  9. NOT A CHANCE! One thing I know for sure, Conald Skunk has always been a LYING scum bag who is worse than EVER and who figured out how to appeal to the worst people in America, Fortunately for America, there are far more good people than bad, BUT the good must get out and vote BLUE!!! And will someone tell the rest of the tRumptards that falsifying business records to cover up your hush money payments to help your campaign IS A CRIME! And Conald did it a Proven 34 TIMES!

  10. Best thing for our country would be Democrats stay with Biden so they will loose. Don’t forget these other incompetent incumbents that need to return to their homes in defeat after the election too. Bunch of just terrible self serving only bums.

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