Trump’s VP Search Nearing End: Why J.D. Vance Is a Great Choice


President Trump’s vice-presidential search is nearing its final stages. Trump is required to select a running mate before the Republican convention in mid-July, but there are substantial benefits to making the choice sooner. Announcing his pick early allows the selected individual more time to prepare for a vice-presidential debate, potentially happening as early as July.

However, Trump has maintained an air of unpredictability, as he often does. Shortlists contain over a dozen names. It’s unclear if all are genuinely being considered or if some serve as misdirection. With Trump, uncertainty is a given.

The period for rampant speculation is over, and the moment for genuine decision-making has arrived. After reviewing the pros and cons of each candidate, it’s evident that the best choice has been clear all along: Sen. J.D. Vance of Ohio.

As a military veteran from a troubled family background in the Cincinnati suburbs, Vance embodies the “Forgotten Man,” resonating with the working class and middle Americans of the Rust Belt who were pivotal in Trump’s 2016 victory. He’s a proven winner, having emerged victorious against a strong Republican field and defeating a formidable Democrat opponent in the unexpectedly challenging 2022 midterms.

Vance is not just a populist figurehead; he’s exceptionally intelligent. In Congress, he likely possesses the sharpest mind for understanding the necessary steps to complete Trump’s agenda on border issues, foreign policy, and reducing bureaucratic power. From the outset, he opposed the Ukraine war stance (similar to Trump), highlighted America’s military readiness issues, and proposed comprehensive plans to reform federal agencies that have eroded public trust during Biden’s presidency. Vance is the senator that unsettles D.C. insiders, as Politico noted in March. Vance attracts intelligent, proactive young men increasingly leaning toward Trump. He would outshine Kamala Harris in a vice-presidential debate.

Unlike many politicians inspired by Trump, Vance isn’t an inferior copycat. He doesn’t attempt to surpass Trump (and fail) or mimic his antics (and look foolish). Vance brings his own style—more composed and serious—yet steadfast on the issues.

Trump’s most straightforward message in 2024 is to compare the records of the two former presidents. Democrats aim to divert focus with criminal trials, media frenzy, and “Christian nationalism” scaremongering. Trump should not engage with these distractions. The election centers on who performed better as president. J.D. Vance uniquely understands why Trump succeeded in his first term and how to ensure success in a second term.

This understanding is crucial. Several candidates could convincingly argue they would help Trump win in November, but Vance not only meets this requirement but also promises to be a valuable asset over the next four years. Unlike Mike Pence, Vance is ideologically aligned with Trump, enabling Trump to delegate tasks without fearing betrayal of campaign promises. No one is entitled to the vice-presidency for mere loyalty, but after the 2020 election experience, it’s clear that Trump needs a deputy whose commitment to his political movement is undeniable.

Vance offers additional advantages. He has strong ties to Ohio, a state with significant election influence. Should Nebraska stick with its current electoral vote system, Trump will need to win one of the three Rust Belt states—Wisconsin, Michigan, or Pennsylvania—to reclaim the presidency. Surprisingly, Pennsylvania seems the most favorable for Trump in recent polls. The rural voters of Pennsylvania resemble those in Ohio who elected Vance. If Vance can mobilize even 10,000 more votes for Trump, it could be the tipping point.

Furthermore, while Ohio won’t be closely contested, the Senate race, with Sen. Sherrod Brown seeking reelection, will be crucial. A Republican-controlled Senate would significantly bolster a second Trump administration, ensuring swift appointee confirmations, judicial appointments, and legislative progress, such as a border wall. Removing Brown from office would secure a GOP Senate majority, and having Vance on the ballot could aid this effort.

Vance also doesn’t come with the disadvantages of other candidates. Unlike someone from Florida, there’s no need to change home addresses to comply with the 12th Amendment. With a Republican governor in Ohio, there’s no risk of a Democrat appointing his successor.

In summary, Vance is the complete package: swing-state appeal, political expertise, campaign prowess, firm stance on key issues, high intellect, and no major weaknesses. He’s the ideal partner Donald Trump needs to secure a win in November.

Charlie Kirk
Charlie Kirk
Contributor. Charlie Kirk is the founder and CEO of Turning Point USA, and host of The Charlie Kirk Show, a nationally syndicated radio show and one of the most listened to conservative podcasts in the country.

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