“Who Does That?”: Ex-ICE Director Criticizes Biden’s Approach to Border Security


Retired acting ICE Director Tom Homan sounds off on Biden’s handling of border security and Trump’s plan for a mass deportation.

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  1. Let me say this to the CLOSE THE BORDER JOE PEOPLE. They tried to close the Border. Trump said don't pass the border bill so i could run on it.. The Best border bill in 50 years that was wrote by republican's. So Stop it you don't get to run on this because it's a fact not an alt fact.. 2nd Trump is now a felon that means he can't even go to many country's to conduct presidential business.. Think about that. 3rd Biden Who i don't care for nor did i vote for. Didn't bring nor is he responsible for any of the charges brought against Trump Not one. But Even if he did Trump gave him the ammo to do so my breaking the law.. Now here come the fact's MAGA doesn't really want to hear. The country under biden is far better in every actual metric than it was under Trump. From G.D.P / Unemployment / The Stock Market / Inflation is going down far faster than anticipated / Actual Job creation / Even the amount of domestic oil extracted from the U.S. is higher than it was under Trump. Now on top of that biden has actually combated big pharma and passed law that stop some of the price gouging on medicines. He got the CHIPS act through that has done profounding things for our country. The only law that trump passed that i know of that affected me in any way was he's tax bill that only benefited the super rich. Someone name me on law that he got done that helped you out. Just one. Don't say the border cause that never truly happened. Do BETTER FOX NEWS YOU LOOK LIKE FOOLS. ALT FACTS ARE NOT FACTS.

  2. This is total bee ess. The dems put up the strongest border bill in history. Not the strongest if it passed. The strongest ever put up for a vote. And they gave us everything we asked for and more. What they wanted in return was just more humane handling of these people. They wanted clearer paths to green cards, not less restrictions. They wanted the elimination of separation of families. And a few other things that we actually accepted gladly in our negotiations on the bill. We got more concessions from the dems on that bill than any bill that passed in the last 20 years. And we (Republicans) were ready to pass it until Trump said no. And I know for a fact that Trump did not read the bill. By the way, did you know that Trump could have pardoned the Jan. 6 rioters. Oh, yeah. Presidents Ford, Carter and Bush all pardoned people before they were ever arrested, charged or convicted. And in Carter’s pardon, it was for thousands of draft evaders that the Justice Department hadn’t even located yet. But Trump thought pardoning his “patriots” might help the Justice Department get indictments on him.

  3. Trump stopped the bipartisan border bill. Hard to argue that. Now argue this, Weisselberg, Gates, Manafort, Cohen, Papadopoulos, Stone, Flynn, Nader, Broidy, Bannon, Navarro, Ellis, Giuliani, Powell, Chesebro, Meadows, Parnas, and now, Trump, what do they all have in common?

  4. we dont need a border bill to close our Border, Biden opened it his first week in and he refuses to close it and it has done nothing but make problems worse and get americans killed!!! FJB

  5. Well now we all know why the election was obviously rigged, they needed someone in the presidency that was brain dead so they could take our country down. Time to call out all the bankers and the complicit military industry. Time to call it as it is not as they want us to believe. We are ALL awake now.

  6. It’s incredible that some people try to say the number of people crossing is because a bad bill wasn’t passed by the (R) when it was somewhat manageable in the previous adm.
    The number of crossings increased under the current adm.
    Nothing changed but the adm. All of the same laws existed when the current adm took control.

  7. With respect to voting behavior, lower cognitive abilities were associated with more intentions to vote for Donald Trump and less intentions to vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US presidential elections through effects on right-wing authoritarianism and social dominance orientation (Choma & Hanoch, 2017; Ganzach et al., 2019).

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