White House reveals new details on suspicious doctor visits


Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich reports the latest on the Biden administration’s ‘clean up’ effort as questions continue to swirl surrounding a Parkinson’s expert’s visits to the White House.

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  1. The "Great Reset" was designed to cover up crimes for many corrupt politicians. A cashless society and digital money are also part of the coverup. In time, Americans forget. It takes little time. Many already forgot Anthony Blinken recruited 51 agents to sign a false document that the Hunter laptop was a Russian disinformation scam. They all knew the computer belonged to Hunter. The FBI had it in their possession in 2015. A (Revenge Fest?) where 51 people are prosecuted and have their security clearances removed? Can anyone see how much legal action is needed to protect us from being treated like Trump, the Jan 6th protestors, and 25 people who supported Trump, of which there is a 95% conviction rate? There are by necessity going to be at least one hundred fifty cases to prosecute the HUGE violators of the oath of office, the constitution, and criminal acts. A major reoccurring violation is a conflict of interest.

  2. Trump's toxic form of celebrity is hurting many people, is ruining families' chances of having children or not, is normalizing sexual predation, aggression, violent outburts. How are these traits not symptoms of mental health problems? That's okay?
    It's time for the old guy Trump to step away from politics.
    He doesn't have the right to continue hurting so many people.

    If Trump is such a loving and caring father to his own children why isn't his love and care extended toward other people who he is making lifelong decisions for? President Biden is capable of it.

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