White House Press Briefing with Karine Jean-Pierre | May 22, 2024


White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan speak to the press.

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  1. Its interesting, just a few minutes ago she was bragging about how they were fogiving student debt without congress making a law, and despise not having congressional or senatorial support, but when it comes to the border she claims "why should we do this on our own, something this big needs to be law" she is so pathetic and disingenuous

  2. Border control bill 🧐 agents for helping more inter our country. Without background checks or reasons for leaving. And we pay for what , and why Oh im sure that lots of money will go to slush funds. And family or friends call it nepotism who are not qualified for the millions that will be spent

  3. I can’t wait to find out who the press secretary will be under Trump!! Knowing Trump always picks highly qualified, intelligent individuals who are constantly on their tippy toes with a sharp mind and a respect for “TRUTH” and “RULE OF LAW!!!”

  4. Forgetting the ones .Who paved the way is irresponsible and damaging to America in so many ways. First the president should have known vets, the elderly And truely disabled . Have limited resources, and abilities for losses ,That have occurred, during this present administration's term of office .And they may not be able to recover as well as younger people. Not that it shouldn't happen for them , Just I need to get his priorities straight , Definitely shows Biden is only doing that for votes ,and not in the best interest of the country. He as oboma said can and will Mess up everything and anything he touches.
    When it all comes out and done . Everyone in our country, Will be in a socialist country , that will fail Like everyone sissy now and from the past. If you can't make America great. Get out of the way and let somebody that can do it. Instead of being the worst president of the United States and possibly the world 🧐 NOT EVERYONE GETS MONEY FROM CHINA UKRAINE AND MEXICO WHETHER YOU THINK IT'S LEGALY OR NOT .AND NOT ANY GOOD CITIZEN GETS OUT OF PAYING MILLIONS IN TAXES OR HAS THE DOJ TO PROTECT THEM FROM GUN VIOLATIONS . AS BIDEN TAKES THE AMERICAN CITIZENS AWAY. WE WERE ONCE ARMED ENOUGH OTHER COUNTRIES WERE AFRAID TO FIGHT US. ARE YOU REALLY ON OUR SIDE OR ARE YOU OPENING UP FOR CHINA TO COME IN AND TAKE US OVER

  5. Bidumb appoints nothing but incompetent dishonest people. He tries to steal our tax dollars to buy votes from people who got apparently useless degrees. This lying page turner should be ashamed.

  6. Boy, oh boy! Makes those banks happy!
    One bail our after another.
    There is no need to penalize any of the banks for predatory loans for bad loans for bad degrees.
    Tax dollars at work.

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