White House denies report alleging Biden family plans to weigh campaign future


Washington Examiner editor Kaylee McGhee White joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss the report claiming President Biden is discussing his campaign’s future with his family.

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  1. I find it interesting that one of the coherent things Biden said at the debate was about Trump cheating while his wife was pregnant. Isn't there also a rumor that Biden was cheating with Jill when his wife had the fatal car accident? Most of the rich elites and powerful men and women do it. Look at Clinton. But do any of the folks that believe all the garbage from Biden bother to look at his not so pristine record either. What about Tara Reids' accusation on Biden. Her career went into the toilet after quitely accusing him. However, Biden gleefully calls Trump the R word. The woman who accused Trump of assault in the department store story does not add up. Just do a deep dive into the facts if you can still find them online. Does not seem credible at all. And yet, those who want to blindly hate him believe it. Innocent until proven guilty doesn't seem to apply. It's just guilty, but we will put on a bogus trial so we can make it official.

  2. They already said Biden wasn’t going to withdraw..it’s 4 months to Election Day…can’t replace him without Article 25…can’t force him to step down unless he wants to and he doesn’t…regardless Kamala Harris is his replacement ACCORDING TO PROTOCOL UNLESS THE DEMOCRATS PLAN TO CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION AGAIN….

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