White House Briefing with Karine Jean-Pierre | May 28, 2024


White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and National Security spokesman John Kirby speak to the press.

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  1. KJP has no idea what she's talking about and just keeps repeating the same things-" as it relates to, as I've said, I don't have anything to share right now". This is basically all she says. Nothing else. Waste of time to watch this e except for the comedy effect

  2. Just as we suspected. This is another golden moment that will go down in History. The world is watching. Seems like a double down on the sanction threats against the ICJ n ICC. A sign they know they can't protect Israel's mistakes every single time. Everything at these sittings said or questioned and answers is almost predictable before they start proceedings. We know what the US's bottom line on their war against Palestine
    A joke.

  3. The president needs to retire. He does not have his faculties and he don’t know what he’s doing. I need to do you all you do is cover up for him. And that’s the truth you’re just as guilty as he is.

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