'WHAT A JOKE': Guy SHREDS Biden's New Border Action


Today on the Guy Benson Show, Guy shreds President Biden’s new Executive Action on immigration. Guy questions the legality of this decision, but ultimately has a bigger problem with the optics of the decision in the wake of the ongoing border crisis.

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  1. It might be a joke but I assure you that the American people are not laughing this is a deliberate and intentional action perpetrated by the most danger man to hold the office of president of the United States and has brought disgrace to this highest office of the land and is unworthy of the tittle president and that's just the plain old facts

  2. Biden has to go and calling our congressman doesnt work as Schumer in the senate is blocking everything that would truly help. Only if all of the people in NY called him and told him to stop or he will lose his seat.

  3. Hahahaha ~ I've always understood that if a foreigner (illegal or not) is married to a US citizen ~ especially having already lived here for 3 years (not even close to the 10 year mentioned), they should already have a green card and therefore are ALREADY not here illegally when married to a US citizen!
    Prez. is speaking in circles again ~

  4. House GOP refuses to solve the immigration problem… 98.5% of illegal immigrants work for Republican owned companies ? 99% of illegal immigrants that do domestic work- work in republican households 😂😂😂the irony of it all

  5. Thank you beloved President Joseph Biden Kamala Harris for signing the executive border bill. Now they are onto violence in coties again. What next, anotyer bombshell report? 😂Copy and paste 2018, 2020 and 2022😂

  6. Unfortunately, until 2028, when Biden and Trump are in political competition, the world and the United States will not stabilize. With the withdrawal of these two from politics, after 2028, the world and the United States will gradually stabilize again

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