Victor Davis Hanson: This is the most dangerous time in our lifetime


‘Hannity’ panelists Victor Davis Hanson and Rep. Waltz discuss a meeting involving Israel and Iran canceled after criticism from Israeli PM Netanyahu about the U.S. withholding arms. White House said it had ‘no idea’ what Netanyahu was talking about.

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  1. ​​High time for everybody to realize that the US has in reality had a third Obama administration since the 2020 elections. Iran signals a major boost in its nuclear program, Hezbollah threatens Israel and even Cyprus with all out war and the US pressures Israel to stop defending itself. Senile presidents are dangerous.

  2. « Most dangerous time in our lifetime »

    How many times have we heard that from right-wing commentators with each Democratic administration ? One can make a compilation of every superlative in a Fox News title video 😂

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