‘Utterly Corrupt’: Trump Attorney Denounces New York State Amidst Trial


Trump legal representative Alina Habba joins ‘The Story’ with a scathing criticism of the NY criminal trial against former President Trump.

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  1. I say this to the jurors Best interest!
    They have an oath & GOD is watching
    very close! No one could threaten me
    to lie under God! or even the Devil!
    I Pray these Jurors See thru this
    Corrupted Judge and plead of Guilty
    it’s the only way to end his corruption
    They should never go against God and
    Lie under Oath! The Judge has clearly
    Sold his Soul to Satan🔥and is forcing
    honest people to do his dirty work!
    What a shameless ,gutless disgraceful

  2. What is so amazing, to me, is we have sat though almost eight years of real evidence against many of the democrats, fbi, etc., where the evidence was conclusive against them, and nobody is getting prosecuted. But, President Trump has been attacked, illegally, over and over, and they are still being allowed to do it. What the whole world has seen is how honorable the Trump family is. But again, even when through investigations that President Trump's enemies are running; the very people wanting to put him in prison, but he's proven to be not guilty. How can vice president Biden get on world wide TV and brag about bribing Ukraine to fire a judges ruling against an oil company his son runs for the Chinese, and this is ok, but president Trump say congratulations to that president, and to call if they need anything, (like polite people do in a professional position like president of the United States of America ), and that's illegal? Not to mention possession of unsecured classified documents that vice presidents and senators can't have, and in China town,also unsecured. I hope that jury realizes that, if they are allowed to do this to an upstanding man and family, then they can do it to anyone. These jurors must know that the decision they make today will either keep America alive, or America will die; the way we know it, anyway. We live in the greatest country in the world. It is on the low side of being gone forever. Please pray for this country and every single solitary human being that has a foot standing on it's soil.

  3. Supporting a blatantly-stupid, uneducated, ignorant incompetent global-warming-denying pathological-liar; is insane suicidal behavior. Does it understand that; Satan-worshiping anti-abortion insurrectionist weirdo freak?

  4. I look at and listen to Bob Deniro and all I can think of is his charcter in the movie Anylis This. He was a Nut. I am preaty, O so Preaty. Sometime actors in real life often portray their TRUE CHARACTER.

  5. USA history in a nutshell (1) Washington……..I cannot tell a LIE (2) Trump…………….I cannot tell the TRUTH He did not testify to save himself and Melania, because he cannot tell the tuth Back in early April, he told reporters that he would “absolutely” testify.

    Truth matters. In the end it is the bedrock of a free country. Lies have consequences. Chaos ensues. And sometimes heavy financial penalties…Cohen lied for Trump because he was knee deep in the cult of Trump How deep is Fox News in the cult?

    This is a historic day for the USA. The first ex president is in the hands of his peers.This is atotally new experience for Trump and the USA. Trump has never faced the consequences of his lies. He has bullied Fox News into being his mouthpiece much against the Murdochs.

  6. Shannon is definitely not a Trump supporter or Republican. How can she say the Biden administration is not responsible for the unjust prosecution of Trump. She should go work for CNN. They would love her!

  7. This maskirovka will decay your brain! First off, the public didn’t know about the affair with Stormy Daniels until after the 2016 election. How can something be not a problem if the problem was hidden??? Didn’t take long for a response from the mob boss to call Shannon stupid.

  8. Supporting a stupid, uneducated, ignorant incompetent global-warming-denying pathological-liar; is insane suicidal behavior. Does it understand that Satan-worshiping anti-abortion insurrectionist weirdo freak?

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