U.S. Holds Moment of Silence for ‘Butcher of Tehran’ Raisi at UN


OutKick host Tomi Lahren joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss her reaction to the Biden administration’s response to Raisi’s death and NYC Mayor Adams possibly rescinding ‘Diddy’s’ ‘key to the city.’

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  1. F*** the UN!!! Always thought it's a useless body that gets paid to do nothing and make speeches when something big happens in the world. Why do we even have such a body, same as the African union, the European union, all funded by taxpayers around the world, holy s***!!!

  2. Please let us stop making excuses for the Biden administration. The True government traitors are Biden , Obama and the Clinton's, who have done deals with these countries. And have tried to place our True POTUS Donald J Trump as the person who was dealing with our enemies. they tried to cover up their crooked deals by going after Trump. But we the American people now know who the crooks are and we are going to take back our country!!! Vote for Donald J Trump for POTUS in 2024. God Bless him and his family!! True American patriots!!

  3. Is this serious? Is this what America has become under Biden and the DEMOCRAPS?
    Are a sorry a$$ Nation now, that in the sake of woke political correctness bow down to tyrants and butchers evil dictators?
    Biden Sucks!

  4. How disgusting! What an outrage – condolences for a butcher of people?? That monster was not a human. He was demonic ….and is now finding out there is not 19 virgins waiting for him as he burns in hell. The US is an utter embarrassment!

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