Israel’s UN Ambassador Condemns Moment of Silence for Raisi


During Friday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “America Reports,” Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, shared his reaction to Alternate Representative of the United States for Special Political Affairs at the U.N., Robert Wood, standing for a moment of silence for Ebrahim Raisi at the U.N. Erdan said he regards Wood as a friend and believes “his heart is in the right place.” He speculated that perhaps the Russians and Chinese unexpectedly stood up.

Erdan condemned the U.N.’s mourning for Raisi as “disgusting” and expressed his shock. “It’s not only about convening the General Assembly to pay tribute to a mass murderer, it’s also the fact that the U.N. has already lowered its flag to commemorate the death of this murderer. And also the Security Council, the body in charge of the safety and security of our world, they stood for a moment of silence, and again, to respect a mass murderer who’s responsible for murdering, not only thousands of his own people, but thousands of Israelis and also Americans. It’s crazy that the U.N. that was founded in the wake of the Holocaust and World War II to prevent atrocities and defend human rights is now paying tribute and giving so much respect to a dictator [who] was also a mass murderer,” he stated.

Erdan reiterated, “Well, I wasn’t there and I consider Ambassador Wood my friend and I know that his heart is in the right place. So, I don’t know, maybe the Russians and the Chinese, they surprised everyone and suddenly stood up. But I’m not his spokesperson. I’m sure you can ask him this question.”

Ian Hanchett
Ian Hanchett
Hillsdale graduate.

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