Turley: This is an open-and-shut case


Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss what he believes to be ‘astonishing’ about the gun case and the latest on Trump’s election case in Georgia.

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  1. He'll be found guilty on a pitifully lesser charge, given probation and a fine, and the Dems will parade it around as "no one is above the law". He'll never be convicted of any major crime in his home state.

  2. Turley lives in an utopian world dream. It's a Biden jury, the trial is just for the media, the jury has already voted "innocent" because "He's a victim, so he can break the law." He's the white OJ Simpson. The result is the legal system is proven again to be corrupt as hell.

  3. Where’s the left and minorities with their “white privilege/white supremacy crap? Anyone who doesn’t think that there is a two tier justice system, needs their heads examined

  4. I am NOT voting for a convicted felon criminal, I don’t care who it is, we need someone who will be respected in the world, not some dictator wannabe supported by trump cultist dregs. Is Nikki Haley coming back?

  5. Turly was wrong about Trump not getting convicted.

    He kept telling us Trump had not even been charged with a crime and then he was convicted of all charged 34 felonies.

    No credibility

  6. The apple doesn't fall far from its tree. He is a pathological liar like his father. Deny and deflate everything and anything. These people don't know how to stand up to their mistakes. The only good thing that came out of this hearing is his true feelings for his stepmother/ex-babysitter. My heart is singing.

  7. Got to love the unlimited hypocrisy of Johnathan Turley and Fox "News". Trump broke election financing laws by falsifying business records to pay hush money . "Trump should NEVER have been indicted." Trump had a truckload of stolen top secret documents. "Trump should never have been indicted." Trump called Georgia to pressure the state AG to "find" enough votes to make him the winner."Trump never should have been indicted." Trump sent a mob of TERRORISTS to attack "The People's House" because the people elected president Biden. "Trump never should have been indicted.
    Hunter Biden illegally bought a gun. He never used it, is not a violent offender, has no criminal record. "Hunter Biden should go to prison for the MAXIMUM sentence allowed!"

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