Turley: Cohen Argues Trump Deserves Jail for Heeding His Counsel


Constitutional law attorney Jonathan Turley says he was ‘struck’ by one-sided rulings in NY v. Trump on ‘America Reports.’

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  1. The Trump Deranged Syndrome (TDS) patients are in full force. After finding out this trial going to….(what President Trump said what happens when Democrats touch anything) 😂🤣

  2. This is unraveling for Bragg and the Democrats. They still might get a conviction from a biased jury, but America is seeing all of this as the disgusting election interference it is. No matter, November will be a referendum on the Biden Term. Release the audio of Biden being interviewed by the special counsel. Let's hear for ourselves instead of the DOJ telling us.

  3. Odd republicans support Trump when most can’t list any accomplishments that helped the USA. They’re so desperate they’ll even lie and say easily disproved things like he achieved energy independence even though we never stopped importing oil, and they fight against green energy!
    Conversely they oppose Biden despite his many accomplishments like capping insulin prices, saving us trillions with the infrastructure bill, the chip act, the first economy to beat China since 1976 etc

  4. This says more about Cohen than about President Trump. President Trump followed the advice of his paid counsel. So Cohen is essentially admitting he is incompetent, however being dumb is not a defense.

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