Tucker Carlson’s Australian Interview Sparks Tension, Accusations, and Debunking


Conservative commentator Tucker Carlson clashed with an Australian Associated Press reporter during a speaking event in Canberra on Tuesday, exchanging heated words on a range of topics including immigration, racism, and mass shootings.

The reporter, Kat Wong, pressed Carlson on his comments about the “Great Replacement Theory” on his show, claiming that he has discussed the idea of “white Australians, Americans, and Europeans” being replaced by “nonwhite immigrants.” Carlson denied making these comments, stating that he has only mentioned the idea of native-born Americans being replaced, including black Americans.

Despite Carlson’s denials, Wong cited data showing that he has brought up the topic on his show approximately 4,000 times. Carlson questioned her ability to cite the exact instance, suggesting that she was relying on hearsay rather than fact.

As the conversation continued, Carlson expressed frustration with the media’s portrayal of his views on immigration, claiming that he is being accused of promoting racism and bigoted ideology. He argued that he is simply stating the fact that native-born Americans, including black Americans, are not having children due to economic issues, and that importing people from other countries does not address these problems.

Wong countered by suggesting that Carlson’s views have inspired mass shootings, pointing to the 2022 Buffalo supermarket attack. Carlson laughed at this accusation, stating that it was absurd and misinformed.

The exchange then turned to the topic of gun control, with Wong asking Carlson if he supports restricting access to firearms. Carlson responded that he opposes disarming law-abiding citizens, stating that this would give the government a monopoly on violence and undermine individuals’ right to defend themselves.

As the conversation drew to a close, Carlson expressed his disappointment with the quality of journalism in Australia, remarking that he had expected better questions from the media.

Heather Hunter
Heather Hunter
Contributor. Heather is an award-winning radio, television and film producer and previously wrote for The Daily Caller and LifeZette.

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