Trump’s Lawyer Asserts Evidence Proves His Complete Innocence


Will Scharf, attorney for former President Donald Trump, joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to preview the next steps in Trump’s criminal trial in New York as closing arguments are set to begin Tuesday.

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  1. All I can say is Juan merchant I can't even call you a judge because you're not a judge you're just a scam artist I hope you get disbarred for what you did to this country and this great president Donald j Trump and I hope he sues you and everyone involved with these witch hunts all the way back to Obama

  2. Just had to raw dog that filthy pornstar. I want to buy a Bible from this man and a super cheesy gold necklace from his wife that honors our veterans. I'm sure the money is all going to a good place. Anyone else honoring American hero John McCain on this beautiful memorial day?

  3. I am sure the jury will be ready with their verdict after watching CNN for the past week. witch hunt from the get go. are court system is a giant 3 ring big top circus being ran by clowns.crazy stuff.

  4. More of the usual nonsense, lies, and propaganda from Fox News. By now, it is clear that the disgrace former president will be convicted in New York and he will be bankrupted in New York. It is also clear that he will eventually be incarcerated… Fox isn’t fooling anybody anymore…

  5. Presumably this will be Donald's lawyer's submission to the jury tomorrow. The Judge is duty bound to refer to the wildly differing opinions of the prosecution and defence on the interpretation of the witness statements and documents when he directs the jury. At the end of the day, It is their opinion of the evidence that counts at this stage, although the opinion of the Courts of Appeal up to SCOTUS may well change everything at a later date.

  6. People should think of it from the other side- Biden's team keeps telling him a conviction will happen, It is fixed for a conviction BUT they know appeals court will overturn it. So I bet the plan is for Biden to commute the conviction if it happens. This way they can always say he was convicted but it was commuted rather then the conviction being overturned by a judge in a court of law. Do remember the case is in NYC and the fix is most likely in. A conviction is very possible even though any reasonable person should know the evidence did NOT support a conviction.
    If Biden does commute or pardon Trump he will look like he is fair and reasonable and can say he had nothing to do with the politics behind the conviction.

  7. stephen Gardner just let us know that wagon Kochul sent almost 700k to judge’s daughter. It’s disgraceful and corrupt- judge belongs in jail. God help and save America. Love from Dublin, Ireland

  8. How does one adjudicate guilty or not guilty when there is yet to be a crime announced?
    This entire fiasco has been political theatre designed to keep President Trump off the Presidential Campaign Trail. It speaks volumes about the corrupt democrat party.

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